Common issues with refrigerators

Common issues with refrigerators

If your refrigerator isn’t working as well as it used to this can be cause for concern. Why? Because when a refrigerator doesn’t cool food properly this can lead to a whole host of problems.

First, it can cause food to spoil and second, if the food is in the early stages of spoiling but it still smells and looks ok, and you cook it, this could lead to food poisoning.

When you notice a refrigerator problem your first instinct may be to call an appliance repairman—yet there are some things you can troubleshoot on your own, before you make the call.

Check the internal thermostat

Several months ago, we got a call from a client who said her refrigerator had stopped working while she was gone for a long weekend. She’d gone to the market before her trip because she wanted to have things like eggs, vegetables and chicken in her refrigerator when she got home.

She was, after all, only leaving for two days.

When she got back, everything had spoiled– and she wanted to have someone come out to investigate as quickly as possible.

During the maintenance call our technician noticed that this was less of a refrigerator problem and more of a “pet sitter problem.”

The client had hired her neighbor’s college-freshman son to stay at her home to care for her dog; while he was at the house, he thought the refrigerator seemed a bit on the cool side, so he turned the temperature dial up.

Mystery solved.

If your refrigerator doesn’t feel as cool as you think it should fee, check to see that no one else in your household messed with the thermostat.

Is it getting power?

In our last blog post we noted that we often get appliance repair calls from clients whosay they’re washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc. have stopped working. Beforewe schedule an appointment we always ask them to check to make sure the devicesare still plugged in.

Pets, children and spouses have all been known to accidentally (and in some cases, intentionally) unplug appliances.

If the light doesn’t come on when you open the door, this could be a sign that the device is unplugged.  And, speaking of power, make sure you haven’t tripped a breaker or that a fuse hasn’t blown. If you’ve checked the plug and the circuit box and everything looks OK, you’ll want to move forward with an appliance repair appointment.

Refrigerator repair experts you can trust

At Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair we have years of experience in helping local home and business owners with all of their refrigerator repair needs. We have experience in working with all makes and models of refrigerators and we know how to get repair jobs done right—the first time. For more information on our company, refrigerator repair rates or to schedule an appliance repair appointment, call us today to learn why we’re the top-rated refrigerator repair company in northern Colorado.

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