Does Your Microwave Cook Food Unevenly?

Does Your Microwave Cook Food Unevenly?

Have you ever put something in your microwave, only to realize that when it comes time to pull it out, one side is cooked while the other is still cold?

If you’re tired of dealing with half frozen and/or half burned food, you may be wondering if your microwave can be repaired. Buying a new one can be expensive, so if a repair can be done in a safe and cost-effective manner, the latter may be the way to go.

Reasons food may be cooking unevenly

Newer models of microwaves often come with a rotating tray, which can help prevent uneven cooking and/or temperature buildup. If your microwave doesn’t have a rotating tray, try placing your food dish in different parts of the microwave. If you put your dish in the same place ever time, this can lead to a microwave hot spot.  Experts agree that hot spots tend to develop around place in a microwave that are overused.

Test for hot spots using water

One of the easiest ways to test for hot spots involves filling several small bowls with water. (If your microwave has a rotating tray, be sure to remove it before you move onto the next step.)

Place the water bowls throughout the interior of your microwave and turn the unit on. You’ll want to check the water bowls about every 30 seconds. If you have one or more that have started to boil before the rest, this could be a result of a hot spot.

Make note of where those hot spots are so you can avoid putting food there the next time you turn the unit on.

Test for hot spots using marshmallows

A tastier way to test for hot spots involves using marshmallows. For this, you’ll want to remove the rotating tray and lay a layer of paper towels along the bottom of your microwave. Put marshmallows on top and set the cook-time for a minute. Marshmallows that start to brown first are an indication of a hot spot.

Just say no to DIY

If your microwave isn’t working properly, we can help. Remember, you should never, ever try to replace or repair an electrical component on your own. This type of job should only be done by a trained professional. Experts agree that microwaves are among one of the most dangerous household appliances to repair.

At Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair our team of trained repair technicians haveyears of experience in handling this type of job safely. Please don’t try tofix your microwave yourself! If you attempt a DIY repair, you run the risk ofsustaining a serious injury. For more information on why microwave ovensdevelop hot spots and /or how you can test to see if you have this problem,call Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair today to speak with an appliance repairexpert. Call us today to learn why we’re the top-rated appliance repair serviceprovider in Northern Colorado.

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