Is it better to repair or replace my home appliances? | Denver Colorado

Is it better to repair or replace my home appliances? | Denver Colorado

Hi, I’ve never used an appliance repairman before, so I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me. I purchased my first home a few years ago, and since the homeowner was moving out of the country, the appliances were included in the sale. Yet I’ve started to notice that they may not have been in the best shape when I inherited them. The dishwasher is a little leaky and the dryer isn’t working as well as it did a few months ago. I’m also having some issues with the ice maker for the refrigerator- because, well, it’s no longer making ice.

I’m wondering if these types of things can be fixed or whether I should just throw my hands in the air, give up, and head off to Sears to buy a bunch of new stuff. Any advice you can give me would be a huge help.  Thanks. – Tim S.

Hi Tim, thanks for your email. And wow, it sounds like you have quite the situation going on at your house. You must be very frustrated!

The best thing to do, I think, is to take this from the top. First, how old are the appliances, and second, if they’re not all that old, are they under warranty? If they are under warranty, I’d encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer so they can send someone out to fix the problem, free of charge.

Assuming that the warranties are expired, it never hurts to have someone out to give your appliances a once over. If your dishwasher is leaking, you may be able to fix the problem by replacing the seals.

If your dryer isn’t working well, I’d want to know how long its been since you’ve had the exhaust hose cleaned out. A dryer that isn’t drying as well as it used to, may very well have a clogged exhaust hose. (If it’s clogged, this is also a fire hazard, so I’d encourage you to have it looked at ASAP.)  If this is in fact the problem, a simple cleaning could get you back up and running.

Lastly, if your ice maker isn’t working, this could also be a relatively easy fix. In some cases, it will be a matter of swapping out a broken part for a new one.  But, it’s a little hard to make a proper diagnosis without having more information.

To address your question about whether to “repair or replace my home appliances”, what I can say is that repairing a broken appliance tends to cost a lot less than replacing one. Although it’s impossible to know what the problems are without coming out to do an inspection, what I can say, is that based on my experience, that there is a chance that the problems you’re experiencing can be fixed without much hassle.

If you’re wanting to learn more, give us a call and I’ll be happy to send someone out to provide you with a free estimate If you want to move forward with the repairs, we can help get that scheduled. If not, we may be able to make some suggestions about how to recycle what you’re getting rid of.

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