Garabage Disposal Repair:

Denver Colorado

If it’s broke, we’ll fix it!

Garbage disposals allow you to cook without worrying about clogged drains or sinks. These useful kitchen appliances are common in many Colorado homes. Still, overtime, it is normal to see garbage disposals wear down. For people who use their garbage disposals regularly, a faulty disposal can be a significant inconvenience. Luckily, our team of professionals, at Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair, are here to help you. One of the many services our company offers are garbage disposal repairs. In our experience there are five common reasons as to why your garbage disposal is not functioning properly.


If you’re garbage disposal is not functioning at all, we recommend restarting your garbage disposal.  This is an excellent first step to make, before calling Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair. Look for a reset button underneath your disposal. Restarting your disposal, is a simple fix may be all your garbage disposal needs. However, there is a high possibility that your garage disposal may need other repairs.


It is normal for garbage disposals to become clogged from time to time. You’ll know your disposal is clogged if the motor hums but the disposal does not grind. A clogged disposal is usually the result of a hard object (chicken bone, silverware, fruit pit, etc.) that has become stuck between an impeller blade and the drain hole. As soon as your disposal shows signs of a jam, stop running it. Failure to do so may burn out the motor. Be sure to unplug the disposal before making repairs, or simply call Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair.

Grinds Poorly

Your garbage disposal may be grinding poorly if you are not running enough water while operating it. If you can hear the garbage disposal running but it is not grinding, the blades may be broken. If this is the case, it is often cheaper to replace your entire garbage disposal. Of course, Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair is always happy to help you with this process.


Leaks from your garbage disposal can be quite the annoyance. However, they are typically resolved by pinpointing the source of the leak, and tightening the loose connection. It may be necessary to replace mounting screws or the drain gasket. Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair can provide you with the parts you need to repair garbage disposal leaks
Of course, garbage disposals can be affected by problems outside of these five. If you cannot repair your garbage disposal yourself or simply want the security of professional help, give Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair a call. Our professional team will work with your budget and personal needs. Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair has the equipment and solutions to repair your garbage disposal. You can reach our customer service team at: 720-229-4887. We look forward to hearing from you!