Refrigerator Repair:

Denver Colorado

If it’s broke, we’ll fix it!

Refrigerators are an extremely convenient, modern appliance, that makes meals and food storage easy. Most of us don’t bother to think about food storage or how refrigerators help make this a reality, but as a home or business owner, this is vital to appreciate. Ensure you have a reliable appliance company, kuje Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair, to help you maintain your refrigerator.

Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair works hard to provide all of the necessary maintenance and repair solutions your home may need. For this reason, we work with refrigerators and kitchen appliances. All of our technicians and electricians are certified to provide the best services for your residential  or commercial space. In our years of experience, we have found there are a few recurrent, common refrigerator problems that ware wise to be aware of: frequent cycling, water leakage, freezer ice build up.

Frequent Cycling

Noisy refrigerators that are constantly running are annoying and can quickly become expensive. Even properly functioning refrigerators are one of the most power-intensive appliances in your home, and allowing it to run unnecessarily is an easy way to increase your energy bill. When a refrigerator is overworking it is often because it is in a dusty environment. When dust build up around the fridge’s condenser coils, air can not flow as freely.

The best way to resolve this problem is by cleaning your condenser coils. These coils are typically located on the very bottom of your fridge. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and buildup. Of course, if you don’t care to perform this chore yourself,  Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair is happy to help.

Water Leakage

A refrigerator that is leaking water should be addressed immediately. Water leakage is never a good sign, but a fairly common problem. If your fridge is leaking water it’s probably because your fridge’s defrost drain is blocked. This happen when debris clogs the drain hose. Another reason for water leakage is a frozen water supply line. Regardless of why your refrigerator is leaking, our technicians will be able to help you resolve this problem.

Freezer Ice Build Up

Freezer ice build up can make it difficult to open your freezer door and may ruin frozen foods. If your freezer door is open for too long it can raise the humidity, resulting in a icy, poor functioning freezer. This is an easy problem to resolve. Clean the seal of your freezer with warm water, and dry the seal with a dishtowel. This should resolve your problem, if it doesn’t, contact Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair.
Refrigerators and freezers make life extremely more convenient, especially at meal time. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your kitchen appliances are functioning well inside your home or business. Failure to maintain your refrigerator or freeze is not only inconvenient, but may spoil all of your groceries and result in a wasteful mess. The professionals at, Colorado’s Best Appliance Repair, will enesure your kitchen appliances function well.