Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

A few months ago, a client called to request an emergency washing machine repair. She had woken up in the morning, tossed in a load of laundry and stepped out to the walk the dog. When she returned, the entire home was filled with rubber-scented smoke. It was obviously concerning, and luckily, we were able to get someone to her home that same day.

In her case, the machine she had at her home experienced a belt failure. Our technicians were able to remove the old, worn belt and replace it with a new one. Yet belt failure isn’t the only type of problems that washing machines experience. Below are just a few of the more common reasons we’re called to assist people with washing machine repair.

Water pump problems

The main function of a water pump is to drain and circulate water. When the pump stopsworking and/or it develops a blockage, the drum won’t spin. The machine willstill sound like it’s functioning, but upon closer look, you’ll notice thatsomething is amiss.

If the pump’s seal is bad, water will start to leak and drip from the bottom of your machine. This will obvious cause a huge mess!

If you suspect you have a water pump problem, call us today to schedule a free repair estimate.

Gaskets and seals

If a gasketor seal goes bad, you’ll also experience problems with leaking water. If youhave a front-loading washing machine, you can imagine the types of issues thiswill cause. Our company has years of experience in helping homeowners replacegaskets and seals in all types of washing machines.

Motor problems

The most common reasons that people need to contact a washing machine repairman relates to a bad motor. If the motor won’t turn on, this isn’t something you should attempt to fix on your own. You should always contact a professional appliance repair company to help with this type of job.

The second type of motor problem relates to the coupler. The coupler connects to the transmission of your washing machine and since it’s typically made of rubber or plastic, it can break or fail as it starts to age. If the coupler isn’t replaced, the motor won’t function properly.

Don’t attempt a DIY washing machine repair

As you likely know, your washing machine has many moving parts. If you’re not trained, experienced appliance repairman you shouldn’t attempt to this type of repair on your own. When you work with Colorado’s Best Appliance repair you can rest assured you’ll be working with local professionals who have years of experience in helping local homeowners with all types of washing machine repair issues. If you try to do the repair on your own, you may inadvertently take out a part that doesn’t need to be replaced and/or you could wind up doing more harm than good! For more information on our company, our rates or to schedule a repair appointment, call us today to get started.

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